Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reading Habits TAG

Hello, friends! Today I was in the mood for a Tag again, so I went ahead and watched some Booktube videos and found this nice little Tag which basically screamed "DOOO MEEEEE." So, here I am.

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
My bed. Simple as that. Sometimes, during summer, I also go on our veranda to read, but usually I stick to my lair.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Bookmark, definitely. I have a million different bookmarks from different bookstores that I use and lose all the time.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?
It depends. Sometimes, I'm just like, "Whatever" and I'll stop where I am (although I could never just stop in the middle of a sentence. I have to read the whole paragraph to the end so I'll be able to stop), but generally, I prefer to stop after a chapter.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?
Yeah, I can do both. Although with some books I prefer not to eat/drink while reading for fear of staining my books.

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?
No. No no no no. Maybe TV if I'm not paying attention to it anyways, but usually, I like to read in solitude.

6. One book at a time or several at once?
I almost always have more than one book lying on my nightstand. I start a book, am not that intrigued by it and then I take my time getting through it, while also starting another book before having finished the one I'm currently reading. Although I am careful to not have more than 3-4 books that I am reading at the same time, so I'll never lag behind too badly.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
I can read anywhere and everywhere, especially if the story's good enough, but I prefer reading on my bed over everything else. Though I do love to bring my books to family events and read there so I can survive relatively unharmed. This way, while I'm reading, everyone usually leaves me alone.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Silently of course? Who reads aloud? Reading a whole book aloud to yourself? Huh? Sorry, I'm just that ignorant, but I can't imagine anyone reading aloud. Or is the question talking about audiobooks? Idk, but I am not a big fan of audiobooks either, so...

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?
Sometimes, if I'm curious whether, or rather when, a character comes back, I turn another hundred pages and just skim around for the character's name. That was the case with, for example, Ash from The Iron Fey or Gavriel from The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I also do lots of skipping though, if the book is just too annoying and slow and I simply want to get through it already. However, I never drop/not finish a book, rather, I'll just skip and skip to the end.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?
I like to keep my books as undamaged as possible, but it usually ends with me breaking the spine without meaning to...

11. Do you write in your books?
NO. Only if it's a book I have to read for school (which are usually books I wouldn't have read in my free time anyway). Otherwise I get a post-it and write on that, and then stick it to the page.

That's it. <3 I'm tagging everyone who wants to do the Tag, like always blah blah, you know the drill.
Take care!

Love. <3

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