Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Epic Recs: October

Okay, so Epic Recs is a thing that Judith over on Paper Riot created, and basically all you need for this is a) one friend and b) a taste for books. The thing is, you grab your friend and you each have to recommend the other a book that they'll have to read for that month's Epic Recs. For this, I grabbed Tori (or rather, she grabbed me) and she ended up forcing me to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which I have put off reading for a long, long time now. In turn, I am forcing her to pick up The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater again, since she's tried reading the book earlier this year but didn't really continue reading, so I'm hoping that this time around, she'll end up loving it as much as I do. And if she doesn't, our friendship will be over (jk, no I'm not, or am I?)

We don't know yet if we'll be doing this regularly now or not, but we'll see how we'll like it this month. Sort of as an experiment. :)


  1. BaeEEEEE no hate you know you love me. I'll read The Raven Boys and I'll love it. You know I will ;) I'm a sucker for hot guys and good romances, and I have a feeling that The Raven Boys will provide that.

    Tori @ Bookish Affairs

    1. Yes. Hot boys are definitely in there, and romance - well, yes, but slow moving. But all the better for it.

    2. I swear if you won't like it I'll idk send you poop for christmas gift or something