Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Recap

TBR Check

Control (Control, #1) by Lydia Kang 
Defy (Defy, #1) by Sara B. Larson 
Slated (Slated, #1) by Teri Terry 
Evertrue (Everneath, #3) by Brodi Ashton
These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1) by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner 


Night of Cake & Puppets (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1.5)by Laini Taylor (novella)
• Dangerous Dream (Dangerous Creatures, #0.5) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (novella)
Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, #2) by Robin LaFevers
• Champion (Legend, #3) by Marie Lu
• The Giver (The Giver, #1) by Lois Lowry
• Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1) (re-read)
• Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2) (re-read)
A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1) by Libba Bray
Fractured (Slated, #2) by Teri Terry
• Taken (Taken, #1) by Erin Bowman
And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard
What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles, #1) by Kat Zhang

After doing a very fast paced reading sprint on the last day of January, I did manage to finish the TBR I set for myself after all — success! I was fearing I wouldn't be able to finish Evertrue in time, since my copy only arrived on the 30th, but I got it done after all. So, in the end, I'm clocking in at 18 books this month, although two of them were novellas and two re-reads, so ... 14. Not a bad start, I have to say.


“I can't believe you got the best of me / I can't believe I trusted every word you said / Stretched myself out way too far / Now I can see you for who you are.”
“Oh, heart of mine / Sing a sad song, sing a sad song / And it’s a fresh start fever / Who wouldn’t want to be here? / Welcome to the future / Dream a little bigger.”
“Come feed the rain / 'cause I'm thirsty for your love dancing underneath the skies of lust / Yeah, feed the rain / 'cause without your love my life ain't nothing but this carnival of rust.”
“I flirt with disaster / And I'm caught in your eyes / I flirt with disaster / Falling for the last time.”
“I know you stay true when my world is false / Everything around's breaking down to chaos / I always see you when my sight is lost / Everything around's breaking down to chaos.”
“Footprints on the floorboards / Lipstick on the sheets / Tell myself they faded / Don't we all just a little bit?”
“You're not alone in the dark / can you see me? / 'Cause I'll be lighting fires, fires, for you. / I'll be lighting fires, fires, for you.”
“So, love me like you used to / When I couldn't lose you / Why is it goodbye? / Just love me like you need me / Oh, can't you just need me?”
“I need a little room to breathe / You're making this hard for me / When all I need is to be set free / I need a little time to think / And if you ever really loved me / Then all I need is a little room to breathe.”
“You hate my favorite records / And that's okay / Because I never really liked your friends anyway / So throw a fit when I'm out too late / 'Cause there's a million little things that I've been dying to say.”

Any new discoveries/releases? Yes, I finally listened to A Day To Remember's "new" album, Common Courtesy, which had already been released in October 2013 and I put off listening to for reasons unknown. Anyway, I regret not having listened to it sooner, because it is simply great. I also remembered that Parachute released a new album last year as well, Overnight, and I really liked that one, too. My highlight, though? You Me At Six's new album Cavalier Youth, finally something new since 2011. They are one of my five absolute favorite bands, so you can tell how excited I was for the album, and it didn't disappoint.


Ahahahaha.. (nervous laughter) What? Movies? What is that?
TV Shows? TV SHOWS?! You mean Teen Wolf? Currently loving Season 3b so much I am almost dying of hyperventilation every Monday. Seriously. So far, my favorite episode has been 3x15, "Galvanize."
Also, I LOVED the season finale of American Horror Story: Coven. So unexpected, yet so, so satisfying. I feel like Sarah Paulson's characters always go through the most shit, but always come out on top after all. I am a little bummed that Misty died, though, as she was one of my most favorite characters and she was actually the candidate that I wanted to be Supreme. :(
I did not watch the new episodes of Reign and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Yet. I plan to, though, soon. At least OuaTiW, since apparently Reign is really shitty what with Bash getting legitimation and all that right now.


So, what's on the menu for February? Well, since it's going to be exam time again during February, my wishes of having more time probably won't come true, but I'll still try my best. This is what I'm aiming for (most of them are sequels because I don't have time for much of anything else):

The Unbound (The Archived, #2) by Victoria Schwab 
• Into The Still Blue (Under The Never Sky, #3) by Veronica Rossi
• Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3) by Tahereh Mafi
• Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3) by Marissa Meyer
• Uninvited (Uninvited, #1) by Sophie Jordan
• Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty, #1) by Rosamund Hodge

Of course, I'm hoping I'll be able to read a lot more than that, but I'm not going for the stars after all — if I manage to read all of these, it's going to be okay. I'm just hoping that Amazon won't ruin my plans again, not shipping off my pre-orders of Cress and Ignite Me until the month's already almost over. D:


  1. Dear god woman, you read so much.

    I'm going to read Control for the YouTube readalong (: is that why you read it? And ooh, Champion! I loved that book so much, aha. It was such a refreshing read after *cough* Allgiant, which ripped my hEART TO SHREDS. So yes. I read Champion shortly after finishing Allegiant, which made me feel semi-better.

    And I've read Daughter of Smoke & Bone, and I own Days of Blood & Starlight, but I haven't read it yet. Is it good? Really good? (: Should I read it right before the release of the last book so I can sort of marathon?

    Btdubs, your You Me At Six songs <3 Woo, I love that band!
    Gah, I need to start watching American Horror Story. Everyone talks about it, and I feel so out of the loop!


    (Sorry for the unintelligible comment.)

    YA Book Queens

  2. Honestly, it never feels like that much, but when I compare it to others, it kind of IS. ^^" I don't know what to do! D:

    No, I read it because I've been excited for it months before it was released, it was kind of my debut of the year back then. :3 I'm so glad that so many are now reading it for the readalong though, because I really loved it and I know not that many people did, unfortunately. :(

    YES. Those books are extremely good. Laini Taylor is a goddess. <3 I'd suggest reading them shortly before Dreams of Gods and Monsters's release, so you can marathon through, otherwise you won't be able to handle the wait for the third book. :D

    Yay, you like them too? <3
    It really does deserve all the hype, I mean yeah it's weird and morbid and maybe even offensive, but it's also very good. (However, I think Teen Wolf is better :x)


    (No problem, you know I love it when you comment. <3 Thanks! :33)

  3. I remember reading about the BookTubeAThon last summer (well, summer for me. I'm American, aha), and you read like 20+ books, didn't you? Man, that's a lot of freakin' books. And what do you do? Yeah, you keep reading (; And writing reviews, because I always love your reviews!

    Oh gosh, yeah somebody commented on my Stacking the Shelves and said she DFN'd it, and I got sort of sad. It's a library book though so I've gotta read it in the next week or so. Hopefully I'll love it like you! (;

    Ah, yeah, I heard that the cliffhanger at the end of the second book was sort of really cliffhanger-y. The ending of Daughter of Smoke & Bone wasn't really that cliffhanger-y, to be honest. I kind of guessed it from the beginning, but I think that was the point.

    Yes, I do. I had no idea they were British until I heard an interview, and I was like, "Wow, this is shocking." But yeah. I love their music. Haven't been keeping up with their recent songs lately, but you know. So much other music to experience in the mean time!
    (Okay, here's a short story. I actually didn't find you first on the blogosphere. I actually saw you first on YouTube. You're seriously the reason I started listening to hardcore/post-hardcore. I watch your lyric video for Caraphernelia, and fell in freakin' love with PTV. Story time over.)
    I will need to watch this TV series eventually. Notice how I saw eventually, because I am watching way too many TV shows right now. Do you watch The Vampire Diaries? The Originals? If you do...oh my god I can't handle my feels when it comes to those shows, honestly. So much drama. And I need to watch Teen Wolf too, which will probably happen this summer. Free time and all.

    OMG I'M SO EXCITED. I explained my predicament with my preorders from Barnes & Noble in a different comment. :3

    (You do? Awh. I love it when you respond and comment on my posts too. You're welcome <3)

  4. Yeah, but that was in the entire month, not in the week of BooktubeAThon! :D That'd would have been crazy, oh man. But yeah, it was actually really insane that Summer (it was summer for me as well ;D), because I obviously had summer break so I basically laid in bed all day, reading. Like, seriously, all day reading. That was like 16 hours a day I spent sticking my nose into books. xD

    Yup, I've been reading lots and lots and LOTS of reviews saying they didn't like it, mostly because of slut-shaming and mysogynistic remarks, and I've already said in my review, I can see how some people might think that to be so, but honestly, it's a YA book and you shouldn't take everything so seriously. Besides, I interpreted those things in a completely different way, because the MC later befriends the "slut" she was maybe shaming (I'm still not so sure about that), so I take it more as a sign that slut-shaming is silly and those girls might still be good friends and stuff.
    I have to say though, Jessethereader told me they all read my review and it was one factor that made them decide to pick Control for that readalong, and now I'm terrified that they all won't like it and then I'll stand here being the only one who loved it and and and everyone's going to judge me. T_T D:

    REALLY? Oh god, that's so AMAZING. :D Wow, I never thought that some of my old YouTube subscribers followed me on to the blogosphere. I'm sure you're the only one, but ... seriously, this is so awesome. Thanks so much! <3 And you're welcome of course. :D

    No, so far, I have been keeping my distance from The Vampire Diaries, because ... I don't know. I've always, mistakenly, thought it was stupid, but old habits die hard, and so, I haven't touched it yet. I plan to, though, maybe during the Easter holidays, but it's probably going to come down to me marathoning it during the Summer holidays (simply more time). :)

    (Let's just be the best of friends okay? <3)

  5. STILL YOU READ SO MUCH. I have too much school work to have time to read a lot. This year has been crazy with reports and essays and just oh my god I so don't want to go to college anymore (okay, I do, but you know. For the sake of this conversation, let's pretend that I don't want to) because I will literally have no time to read. But, yeah. I started really reading last summer and buying books. (Okay, I wasn't sure. Because this other girl I talk to on Twitter lives in Australia and it was winter then, lol.) Dude, I wish I had the attention span to do that. I love reading and all, but I get so distracted. It's a problem. I hope this summer that I'll read more! We should find some series and marathon them together. Though I'm sure you'll finish them first... My friend thinks I read a lot? She should meet you. xD

    Ah, yes, I see what you mean! I need to read it soon because I'll have to return it to the library in about two weeks. I need to just sit my ass down and read it, lol. I haven't read your review yet because I haven't read Control yet, and I plan on reading this. (I mentioned that I don't usually read reviews of books that I' know I'm going to be reading soon in your Ignite Me review, so.) And I'm sort of over the whole slut-shaming thing. I mean, yeah it's horrible, but like you said it's YA. It's about teenagers, and in real life teenagers slut-shame each other. It's fact to me.

    Ooh, you read your review? That's amazing! :D And I'm sure that some people will like it! I honestly hadn't heard of the book before I saw you post your review. xD I immediately put it on my to-read list after seeing you rated it so highly. I'm sure I'll like it! If I don't love it, I'll probably end up giving it three stars unless I really have an issue with it, which I doubt I will. I tend to like the same books as you. (:

    YES, REALLY. And oh, god, right? I found so many great bands (You Me At Six) because of you, and my music library has changed for the better since! I used to NEVER listen to alternative/punk music unless it was on the radio, and now I have the most diverse taste in music ever. xD

    Oh my god, I watched seasons 2 and 3 of TVD last Easter break, and I had sleepless nights. I'm just like you, though. For the longest time I thought it was a stupid show. But then my friend and I watched it at her house on Netflix (the first episode) and I had to continue. It's honestly so addicting. And Lindsay (I'll talk about her a lot. She's the co-blogger on my blog!) said it was stupid and always made fun of me for watching it...until she watched it. She's been watching all of the episodes since Christmastime. xD She's obsessed now.

    (Lol, okay. Book besties. <3 Though I feel like talking through comments on your blog is strange, lol.)

  6. I KNOW I'M SORRY. xD I really started reading hardcore in Fall 2011, which was also the time when I flew to New York and while I was there I just raided all the book stores and I was constantly reading. Trip to Central Park? Read. On the subway on the way to the Statue of Liberty? Read. The evenings spent at the hotel? Read.

    Well, in America, school lasts until 3 in the afternoon though, right? That's not the case here. Well, our schedule is all over the place for one thing, and we have more free periods. I think you have one, that's called Study Hall or something? After lunch? Well, we have no lunch at all, only free periods over the whole day and most days I have school until 2, but I also have some days where I only have until 1. So, add to that all of my free periods, usually I only have six lessons a day. The only exception is Thursday, where my schedule's all over the place. I have English, then Bio, Latin, Chemistry, three free periods where I usually go home and then have to come back for one lesson Social Studies. D: And for example, on Wednesdays my day starts with one lesson German and one lesson History, whereas on Tuesday it starts with a double lesson Chemistry. And the worst of all: Monday. First two lessons: MATHS. IT'S HORRIBLE I TELL YOU.

    Anyway, my point was: since I have less school than you (I think), I have a little more time to read. I'm usually at home sometime from around 1:30 to 2:30 and usually don't have to do homework at home.

    Okay, so I skimmed through the discussions in the Goodreads group they created for the readalong and a lot of people said they're loving it so far. Now I'm reassured. xD Read it sooooooon. Or I'll ... steal your pudding or something. :(

    I used to listen only to Alternative/Punk for a while a couple years back, but now I also like a lot of other stuff too, and it's really conflicting for me. I feel like I have to stay true to Pop Punk and not "taint" it with anything else, but ... some mainstream songs are really good, too. And dubstep isn't bad as well. It's problematic, I feel like I don't have enough time to do all of the genres I like justice. D:

    Sooo many people have already been nagging at me to just finally watch it, and a lot of blogs I follow on Tumblr post so much TVD it's constantly on my dash, and I STILL haven't watched it. :_: You watch Teen Wolf, and I'll watch TVD.

    (Yeah it kind of is. :D Do you have Skype?)

  7. You've been to New York? Jealous! I want to go to New York! I started reading last April/May because we had testing at school, and I needed things to do once I finished my tests because I'm a fast test-taker. I finished so many books that way. And I guess I just never really stopped reading since. xD

    You're correct, but I go to an alternative school for "advanced" kids (I'm not being conceited, I swear). We don't go to school on Wednedays, so on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I go to school from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. Since it's an alt school, they don't offer physical education or music. I have to take classes separately. And I don't have study hall, but I do have lunch for 40 minutes around 12. And dude, it sounds like college for you! You have so many free periods! My science teacher (he's also my homeroom) gives us 20 minutes to read every day as well as my language teacher who gives us 20 minutes to read every day. So I get 100-150 pages each day for my reading. Hahahaha, oh my gosh, my schedule is the same every day: language, history, math, lunch, then science. I love math. It's probably my second favorite subject next to langauge. xD It's my best grade-wise, to.

    I'm at home around 2:15, but I get very distracted by my laptop. I'm a night owl, so I usually read from 9pm-1am or something like that. And I read a lot on weekends (if I don't have a volleyball tournament). Weekdays not so much.

    There are too many posts; I'm not even going to attempt skimming it. I'll probably start it tomorrow if Cress doesn't come in the mail. HAHAHAHA, it's hilarious because I made instant pudding the other night, and it's in my 'fridge, lol.

    I know! I love so many different songs. Even songs in languages I don't know. I so much music. I like some Spanish songs, and my dad finds these Russian songs that are GREAT. And I like some Skrillex songs sometimes. I know right?! Before books/blogging, I used to just listen to music all. the. time. I try to listen to music and read, but when a good songs comes out, I usually end up singing instead of reading. xD Not that I'm even good at singing!

    IT'S A DEAL. THIS SUMMER, OKAY? I will get season one of Teen Wolf before school ends, and I will start watching it on my last day of school. (I just know that Dylan O'Brian is it in as well as Colton Haynes...and oh god. xD)

    Yes! tori_7rawr, I think. I really don't care if other people see my username, because I choose who sees my profile, lol. I hope it's okay I put it here? (:

  8. Yeah, it was cool. :D I don't travel a lot though, unfortunately. So far, I've only been to the UK and France. And if you want to, you can also count Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Belgium, but honestly... they're just around the corner. Like, Luxembourg LITERALLY is. 15 minutes on my bike and I've crossed the border. xD

    No school on Wednesdays?! WHAT? You are extremely lucky. For us, from Year 11 to 13 you can choose most of the lessons you want to take as well, so I chose not to continue with music, art and physics. You can't not continue with maths though of course. :( Be grateful you're so good at it. My best one is English, as well as Bio. Two of my LKs, luckily. :D (LKs are a little like AP, only that you can only choose 3 (in some states only 2) and you have those 5 times a week. That's how our lessons are usually measured, in how many times you have those a week, and that's how much a grade will mean on our certificate. It's ... hard to explain. xD Mine are English, Bio and Chemistry though. :D

    Ah, in German college, you have even MORE free periods. At least, depending on what you're studying. My friend's studying law and he's got tons of free time. It's honestly ridiculous, I have more hours than he does. And he studies LAW for crying out loud! Unfair. ._.

    Really? That early? Wow. But yeah, me too, my PC is the reason why I haven't finished Cress yet. :x (So far, it's AMAZING. Be prepared to have it blow your mind.)

    I'm kind of an insomniac. Not really, but I don't get much sleep. I stay up late, and wake up early, and then I'm wondering why I seem to suffer chronic exhaustion..

    I could never listen to music while reading. It's so distracting and uncomfortable, imagine coming across a sad scene and then there's this funky pop song in the background ... nah.

    AIGHT. Oh yes, Dylan... and Colton...and both Tylers, and Daniel, and the twins... basically, a lot of very nice looking guys, and all of them (well, except for Dylan) have lots of shirtless scenes. :D

    Kay, I'll add you when I'm on Skype next (probably tomorrow), 'cause I'll be going to bed now anyways. :3 (It's probably like 3 where you live right now. xD) (now, back to reading Cress! I'll probably be up till 2 again...)

  9. Lol, I travel like none. I've been to Canada, China (I was born thereee), and America. Woo, such fun! .__. Dude, you've travelled so much! That's so cool!

    Yeah, no school. xD I had no school today. I had piano at 9:40am though, so does that count as school? It's only until 11:00, lol. I don't think I have to do art/music and PE next year, but I probably will. I really like piano, and volleyball has pretty much dominated my life right next to reading, so. I love math, lololol. Ah, my school doesn't do AP since all our classes are already considered "advanced." For America, it's just you take the class, take the test, get a grade, goes in the grade book. At my school, if you get below a C (74%) you'll get expelled. C is passing for us.

    Oh my gosh. You're going to be reading so much when you go to college. Hahaha, I'll probably study English literature, whatever class does grammar/editing/that shit, or computer programming/design. I want to code websites :D

    Ahh, I'm so excited :D The email said it shall be here on Friday! I'll get to read it this weekend hopefully!

    Me too. I don't know when this happened, but I usually don't sleep until 2 am, and that's on a good night. For school, I try to go to bed around 12-1am, but it doesn't happen if I'm reading. Hahaha, I go to sleep late and wake up late (unless there's school). One day last summer, I didn't wake up until 3 in the afternoon. xD

    I usually make playlists when I'm bored for books that I'm reading. xD Or I just listen to The Neighbourhood. I can literally do anything with their music as background: write, read, do homework.

    DYLAN DOESN'T HAVE SHIRTLESS SCENES? WHY NOT? My friend Emily watches TW, and she's trying to get me to watch it too. xD She tempts me with pictures of the twins and Colton Haynes.

    Okay! And nawh, it's 1pm right now (: and lol, have fun! Can't wait to read your review (;

  10. I sooo badly want to go to Canada and Australia. T_T But Australia costs so much. :(
    But that's only because in Europe, it's quite easy to travel around. Especially if you live in Germany because we have 9 countries that border us so we can basically drive to them in a matter of hours. I still haven't been to Prague though, even if the Czech Republic borders us, too. :(

    I've always wanted to learn the piano my whole life! I've given up on that dream since it's a little too late to become an expert pianist anymore, but... it's still something I'd like to learn, even though I hated music in school. Like, reading notes and trying to hear intervals... ugh. I wish you didn't have to do PE, I mean you having the same schedule every day probably also have to do PE every day, right? That is an absolutely terrific idea. I could never live with that. D: I only have PE on Mondays in the afternoon, but like I said, that is one of the lessons you have to continue with. '__'

    What? Wooow. For us, we get points, 15 being the best and 0 the worst, and if you have seven classes below 5 points, you aren't allowed into the Abitur (you've heard of Abitur? German A-levels?) exams. That is, the certificates from Year 11 to 13 are counted in that (like, if you have 4 classes below 5 on one certificate and then again 4 on the next, you're basically out.) And we get two certificates, one every half year. If you get zero points on a certificiate though, you also get expelled. So, it's basically impossible to get expelled, because you have almost no chance of ever getting zero in a class. It's also hard to get seven classes under 5 points on 5 certificates. Basically, it's all a piece of cake. :D

    Yeah, maybe. Although if I've done my research right, the thing I want to study - pharmacy - has a lot of hours, because unlike most other university subjects, for pharmacy you have to be in the lab and do experiments in the afternoons, whereas other college students have the day off after their lectures. D:

    My schedule was so fucked up over last summer, I usually wen to bed at 10 am (!), and woke up at around 5 or 6 pm, and was up all throughout the night. Very crazy, but also kind of satisfying. You have to live this way at least once in your life. xD

    The Neighbourhood really is amazing. They have songs for every mood, it seems. My favorite's Sweater Weather though. :3 Yours? And (kind of relevant to that song but also kind of not) what's your favorite season? :D

    Yeah, it's really mean. And frustrating. He has a shirtless scene in some other movie he's starred in, so we all now he's got a nice body too, so... WHY?!

  11. Lindsay's from Canada! (Random fact.) And I don't know about Australia for many weird bugs that can kill me with a single bite. Ah, so much travelling still! I travel to other states in the US if that counts. xD Most of the states I've been to are only because they're states that I stop in on the way to another state. Like when an airplane stops in one airport before I get on another plane to go somewhere else if that makes any sense.

    Me too! I used to take lessons when I was 7, but I gave up. I decided to pick up the piano again this year, because I really didn't want to do the guitar (although I sort of want to go back to guitar AND paino now...). And I'm pretty good at reading notes though, mostly because I took guitar and we had to learn to read notes then. And I told you we don't have PE xD I'm in club volleyball instead of PE. I have maybe 2-3 practices a week and day-long power leagues once a month.

    My dad said that European schools are very good when it comes to education. And I think I like your point system! A's, B's, C's, D's--they all really freak me out. I got a B+ (86%-89%) on a science test the other day and I FREAKED OUT. Yes, I'm one of *those* kids. xD Basically at my school, you graduate if you're above a C average in all four classes (counting your satisfactory/unsatisfactory PE and art grades). Then you get your diploma. And depending on your SAT scores that you take in your senior year (last year) of high school, you get into college.

    That sucks! I haven't researched. xD I have another 3-4 years until I have to decide exactly what I want to do. I'm pretty sure about my vocation though. It sounds interesting enough, and I'm already pretty good at coding. Maybe not the best, but I know more than just the basic HTML and CSS codes. (I still need to learn Script..ughh).

    Dude, why! At the latest, I go to bed at 6am and then wake up at 2pm. Hilariously, all that time staying awake is either (a) YouTube or (b) reading.

    I know! I love them <3 I want to see them in concert so bad. That would just be amazing. And either Let it Go or Everybody's Watching Me. I used to like Sweater Weather (still do, but not as much) but then I learned how to play it on the piano, and I wasn't as excited about it anymore xD

    And it's snowing right now! I got out of school 4 hours early :D And there's probably no school tomorrow, woohoo! My favorite season is probably fall/autumn. I don't know. The weather is still warm enough to wear shorts but it's still chilly enough where you can wear a sweatshirt/jeans. I like it :D You?


  12. Really? Cool. :3 I love Canadians, they're so nice and their accents are really cool. Thats right, but that's also the reason why I don't necessarily want to go to the Outback ... xD I want to go to Sydney, mostly. To civilization.

    Which state do you live in, if I'm allowed to ask? :3 So, for you driving across the States is pretty much for me driving across Europe and traveling to like Luxembourg or Belgium. No big deal. xD

    I have a guitar lying around in my closet because I once got it for Christmas, and I have had the intention of teaching myself, or getting someone to teach me, at least a thousand times and I still haven't done it. I once tried teaching myself for the zillionth time when a string broke and so far, I haven't replaced it and that's where my efforts to learn the guitar ended as well. :x

    Ahh, right, sorry! Short term memory of goldfish. But a lot of other kids in regular schools probably have PE every day. I pity them. xD
    Yeah, I've always wondered about American education. Like, you go to that advanced school and there seem to be so many of you in normal schools that take a lot of AP classed and blah, it would seem that you're all top notch students and such, and I'm sitting here like "Wow. She must be super smart." I almost can't believe it. So far, I know of four people that went to America for one exchange year and when they came back, they had to repeat a year because they were...dumbed down. They were so far behind they just couldn't keep up anymore. Well, that point system is only for Oberstufe (Year 11-13), everyone else has grades from 1 to 6, which are like your A's and B's and etc, only that we have one more, an E so to speak. And you get a D (or, 4) if you have half of the answers right. Usually it's very easy to stay on a D average and it's very hard to get an F (a 6). I once freaked out about a B- (2-) in English in 6th grade, because I was so used to always getting an A and it was so close to a C I was overwhelmed. But yeah, now I have standards for all of the subjects and I strive to meet them, but if I don't and am still on a C (that's either 7, 8 or 9 points for me now that I'm in Year 11), I don't mind that either. My average for my certificate I got last week was 2,3 (so.. B.3? basically, lol) and I'm quite happy with that. I'm still hoping to get a little higher for my Abitur average, so I won't have to worry about getting accept into college. But it should all work out, I think.
    Oh man, HTML. Another of those things I've always been dying to learn, have tried to teach myself in the past, and failed. ._.

    I don't know! But it's the same for me, I either stay up watching YouTube videos, browsing Tumblr or reading. I don't even know anymore how to spend my time at home any other way. (well. Okay. playing video games might come to mind as well, but... nothing else)

    1. Really? Here, it's already starting to warm up and the sun's starting to shine some days. We haven't had snow yet all Winter and I am seriously doubting if we ever will get snow this year at all. I mean, last year we still had snow in the middle of March, but back then, it had already begun snowing in February, and looking at the weather now.. doubtful. My favorite is also Fall, and my least favorite Summer. It's just way too hot, I mean in Winter, if you're cold, you can always put on another hoodie, another pair of socks, a blanket ... but in Summer, you can't do more than take off all your clothes and walk around naked, which isn't as socially accpetable as a second pair of socks. I didn't have school today either, but I still had to get up early because I got my tooth removed today. It's been a little over two hours now since it came out and the anesthesia's still going strong. I feel like my jaw is going to fall off for being so stiff all the time and I REALLY want to drink something now without having the taste of blood in my mouth. '_' So uncomfortable.

      YES. I'm still wondering though, because, as far as I know, there STILL hasn't been a trailer, right? There should be one soon, or ... did I just miss the trailer?

  13. They have accents?! D: I did not know this. Lindsay doesn't. I don't think. She sounds like an American, haha.

    Washington. Not D.C. Washington State. And yes, pretty much. Though I really only go to Oregon. Anything else is more than three hours, which is rediculous. 1.5 hours is my parent's limit for driving out of state, I think. xD

    Ah, guitar strings hurt my fingers, because I haven't used them in FOREVER to play. I like the piano because it doesn't hurt.

    Gah, I know right? I like volleybal and all, but I am still adamant on despising physical activity.
    Yeah, my "advanced" (I quote this because I wonder what they mean by advanced. Technically, I'm just learning stuff a grade higher than what I should be learning) school just focuses on education and gives us a lot of homework. I learn a lot outside of school, though, so I'm not exactly restricted. I like to learn new things. And I honestly wouldn't doubt your friends needing to repeat a year. They probably went to a public high school in America, and those only offer a higher education to the students that seek it out in AP classes and such. Other than that, you really only need a C to pass, which most teachers give to students because the teachers don't want the student to repeat a year.

    If we only got half the answers right, that would be an F, because that's 50% or one half of the assignement. F is failing. xD Yeah, in 5th-7th I didn't care about my grades that much. I was riding on B's and A's with the occasional C. I was a 4.0 GPA (grade point average) this year. That's the highest you can get. For the longest time I've been getting 3.8 or 3.9, and it SUCKS.

    I CAN HELP YOU ;D You can teach me some German, and I can teach you HTML coding. I wrote an essay if you want to read it. (; My teacher quite liked it and gave me a 98%.

    I don't play video games, aha. xD I refuse to resort to that, lol. I used to play computer games all the time, but then I found reading, which may or may not have been better, ahaha.

    Haha, I actually like summer. xD I love wearing short shorts. And tank tops. And flip flops. Plus since I'm in WA, it's really not THAT hot. Maybe 100 Fahrenheit (37.7 Celsius) if it's exceptionally hot that day. I hate winter though, because I hate being cold. I would much rather be hot, because I can always use a fan. xD Fall is just such a good medium, you know?

    Dude, that sucks. I had braces for four years, but I never wear my retainer. I'm honestly scared to put it back in, because my teeth have kind of moved, and it's scary. xD

    No trailer! That I know of. I subscribed to some movie trailer channel on YouTube to keep up, but I miss some sometimes. xD

  14. Well, to MY ears they have accents. xD I think Canadians sound more like Britons, to be honest. Man, your States are really far apart. It's really incredibly that your next State is 1.5 hours away and my next country a measly 15 minutes on the bike. o_o

    Yeah, guitar strings do really hurt. But I can never play with the plectrum, so I always had to use my fingers. Dx

    It actually depends for me. I did go to the gym regularly for a good half a year, and I only ever stopped because I got sick once and afterwards, I somehow never got up and went. I don't know why. And I love doing strength and cardio training, and Basketball isn't so bad either, but some things... like, running /jogging. Noooo. I tried doing that once, for about two weeks but then quit because I just couldn't. I can't. And we have to run 12 minutes at school and then we get a grade on how many lapses we ran during those 12 minutes, and so far I have always cheated myself out of it because I KNOW I won't get a good grade. I only run, like, 6 lapses or something, and we need 16 for the best grade. xD

    WHAT? AN F FOR HALF THE ANSWERS? Is it that way in public schools as well, or only in yours? That is hardcore, man. Jesus Christ. O_O Wow, really? That's insane! I don't even know what our best average would be, something 0. I'm sure, although I honestly have no clue how to get that. A friend of mine had a 1.6 average, which was already crazy good. Personally, I'd like a 1,9 or something, if at all possible. But it's so hard for me because I was never one to study a lot, I usually only paid attention in class and did the tests alright because of that, but I really have to STUDY now for exams. I'm not used to it, I'm used to everything falling into my hands so to speak, and it's been very strange for me. That's why most of my grades were only Cs this year. :x

    Wow, really? :D I'd love to read it, sure. :D

    It's so hard to fairly divide my time between reading and video games. When Skyrim came out, I didn't read a lot for like 3 weeks because I was just constantly playing Skyrim, and that's how it usually is when I'm playing a new game. I have to make myself a timetable or something...

    Only 37°C?! You are very, very lucky. I live in the south of Germany (no, not Bavaria! xD), and the temperatures get higher every year. Last summer, we had temperatures up until 45°C (113°F?) IN THE SHADE. Sometimes it feels lik I'm living in Spain and I'm wondering where our Siesta is. Yeah, Fall IS the perfect medium, especially for me because it gets gradually colder instead of gradually warmer like in Spring (although Spring is still my second favorite).

    I had a retainer for about 1.5 years, then I got braces for another 1.5 years and I got them off last September, and now I got a retainer again. I only have to wear it at night though, but up until I'm 18. I might not wear it every night though... :x But I really have a phobia of any and all surgeries, so getting a tooth removed ... I was petrified. Absolutely petrified. And now I'll get an implant in a few months, and I can't tell you how terrified I am. xD

    Well, then, if you haven't heard of a trailer and I haven't either, between the two of us, I'm sure there really hasn't been one yet. But isn't it supposed to come out next month or something? Weird. Especially since Vampire Academy has been airing trailers and sneak peeks left and right. xD

  15. Hahah, 1.5 hours really isn't that bad. xD Not to us anyway. And haha, what do American accents sound like to you?

    Do you mean a pick? Like a guitar pick? That's what I use. xD

    Gah, I seriously hate physical activity. I don't think I could ever join a gym without dying. DUDE I HATE RUNNING. I JUST CAN'T STAND RUNNING. IT BURNS AND IT JUST HURTS AND I HATE IT SO MUCH. So yeah. Omg, it takes me 13 minutes to run a mile. My friend Nick is at 7 minutes in a mile. Like you know what? Go die, lol.

    That's everywhere, hahaha. And I never study the night before unless (a) I have time or (b) I know that I'll fail otherwise. For most of my history/science test, I don't study until I get to school. For math, I don't really have to study because I understand it. Like you, I just listen in class and get whatever score I get. And I don't hardcore study, so I think when the time comes, I'll probably just end up reading over my notes a million times, freaking out, eating, going on my laptop, and then making notecards and cramming for the test, lol. That sounds like me.

    (I uploaded the document to Google Drive but my internet's being a bitch, and it's not loading. I will link it in a different comment if it works.)

    I wish I had the motivation to make a time table, haha. That way I'd be able to divide my time between blogging, school, reading, writing, volleyball, piano, and whatever else I want to do with my life. xD

    OH MY GOD I WOULD DIE IN THAT WEATHER. I LOVE WASHINGTON I SWEAR. I HATE THE RAIN AND ALL, BUT THE SUMMERS ARE PERFECT. And yeah, same here. Fall, then spring, then summer, then winter. xD I wouldn't have it any other way. I just hate the cold so much. And rain. I hate rain. Okay, so maybe for me it's fall, summer, spring, winter because it rains so much in the spring time.

    Gah, I've had my retainer since the beginning of school last year, and I wear it maybe 25% of the time. I just don't like how it feels in my mouth, and I talk weird.
    Awh, good luck! I've never had surgery :3 I just don't like the idea of doctors cutting into me.

    Yeah, but that movie doesn't come out till fall, right? I don't think so :3 And I don't think The Maze Runner was as popular as Vampire Academy. DUDE VAMPIRE ACADEMY CAME OUT YESTERDAY. I want to see it, but... I feel like the movie won't be good because it looks like a Mean Girls film since the director and all. I just don't know. I think I might. c: I've heard good things.

  16. I don't know, Americans just sounds ... Americans. It's easy to imitate an American accent (that's what mine is) and easier to understand. I usually have no clue what a Briton just said whenever I hear one talk. It's like, when an American talks, I get 98% of what they're saying (the same percentage as when I'm talking with a German), and when a Briton talks, I get about ... 75%. Canadians .. hm. 85%.

    Yes! A guitar pick. I thought you'd call them plectrums too, I forgot about pick. xD

    RUNNING IS THE DEVIL. AGREED. My best friend is a runner too and he's always telling me how he's going to take me running one day and that I'll be his new running buddy etc, and I always think to myself "Ahahahaha yeah, right."

    Oh my GOD. That seriously is hardcore. Half the answers isn't a failure! That's still pretty good. :O You guys are really mean... Yeah, I usually just take a quick look at my notes before the test and call that studying if anyone asks. That's probably why I've always been only an "average" student. I'm actually fairly sure I could have way more better grades if I truly studied. Might sound arrogant, but ... that's the way it is. xD The only subject that method wouldn't work would be maths. The only subject I have ever REALLY studied for and still failed in. No matter what I do, I'll never get that stuff...
    I'm so terrified of my Abitur tests, since we're going to write about all the stuff we learned from Year 11 to 13. So, basically, EVERY AND ANYTHING we learned in those 2.5 years could be in the test. Of course, only in the subjects we're taking the test in, so in my Abitur biology test, everything we learned from now up until then in bio could be in the test. That means I'm really going to have to study then, at the very latest. And I don't know how! T_T

    I DO DIE EVERY SUMMER. A little bit of my soul fractures and dies each summer. No lies.
    I don't mind the cold, and snow, although I dislike being wet, so ... rain's not my thing. At least not if it's pouring like hell's going to come crashing down and I'll be soaked like a dog afterwards. xD A slight drizzle's fine. And I love the sound of rain, it's the best lullaby there is out there. <3 And I have a cold all year round, I'm seriously always the one that manages to have a runny nose and be sneezing all the time even in summer. I don't know how I achieve that, but ... mysteriously, I do. xD

    The first time around I had a retainer, I ALWAYS wore it. Even in school, although I didn't had to wear it there. Just because I hated my teeth and I wanted them to look better so badly. xD I was very motivated then. But I like how they are now, and the retainer I wear now is only to stabilize, to make sure my teeth don't move out of formation or something again, so if I wear it every once in a while and make sure it still fits (=nothing's changed), it's okay.

    1. Thanks. I've had surgery once before, when I had my ...labial frenulum? removed (well, not REMOVED but moved higher up). I have no clue if that's telling you anything, but that's what tells me means Lippenbändchen in English, lol. xD And then I had to get stitches to my lips when I was three, and I didn't get ANY anesthesia at all because they couldn't give it to me for some reason, and I think that's where my subconscious trauma started. I don't really remember that, but ever since then, I've been terrified of all things surgery. And now I'm going to get a screw into my jaw... ugh. D:

      Fall? Really? I thought it was March or April. They must have post-poned it then, I'm SURE that it was supposed to come out in spring once. I think it comes out on Valentine's day in Germany, but I probably won't watch in German anyways. xD I'll wait since I can VERY LEGALLY OF COURSE watch it here on the Internet in English. :x But yeah, I have my doubts as well. I feel like they made a complete joke out of the books and just made it awkward and ridiculous and ... I know, some people say it's better to sell it as a joke rather than make it all serious business, but so far, almost everything I've seen of the movie has made me cringe. "They suck at school"? Really?...

    2. Hahaha, Americans took langauges/accents from other languages, so maybe that's why you understand them more. They're more based off European words rather than mostly Britain words. :D And sometimes I don't understand Britains either (I assume you're talking about British people?). I usually know what Lindsay is talking about unless she uses some strange Canadian term and I'm like wtf are you talking about.

      Haha, yup! Guitar picks. I used to have so many, but I lost a lot of them. :3

      GOD, YES. IT MAKES MY SIDES ACHE AND JUST EW. You know how I said Nick can run a mile in 7 minutes? Yeah, well Connor is at 6 minutes now, and Seth is at 5. I'm just over here like, "Yup, I'm still at 13. Thanks guys. Thanks a lot."

      Oh my gosh, all my friends would agree with you on half being average. I would agree too, but honestly I'm just so used to 75% being average (okay, well technically 70%-79% is average, but I haven't gotten a C in so long...). My studying literally consists of reading my notes maybe five times, and if it's a bigger test, I'll have my friend quiz me. That's it. I'm such a bad studier. I honestly don't think one can study for math. You have to understand it to really get a good grade in my opinion. You can study formulas, but if you don't know how to solve the formulas, then you're out of luck. This is what I've picked up from tutoring my friends during class and before tests.

      I'm sorry, but are Abitur tests the equivalent to SAT tests in America? I think that's what you said. :3 And yeah, I think I'm going to keep all my high school notes/worksheets so I have references for when I take the SATs. I need a good SAT score, because I need to get into a good college. I am such a nerd; it's not even funny anymore. I pretend that I don't care about my grades, and my friends probably think I get the worst grades, but I really don't. I feel like such a bitch when I get a better score than the "smartest" girl in our math/language class, but when I do, it's like, "Uhh, yeah I'm not here right now."

      Lol, I love the summer because I can do whatever the hell I want for 2.5 months. God, I hate rain. I honestly hate the rain so much. I stuff books up my shirt when I'm outside and it's raining. I can't stand to get my book wet in the rain. c: Omg, I just got over a cold. Because of the weather, I have a running nose, and it SUCKS.

      I hate mine too, but I am just so L A Z Y . It's bad, but I really don't care at this point. I'm trying to remember to put my retainer in before I go to bed, but ugh. It's so much work. That's the one I have. To make sure my teeth don't move. xD But they have, soo, now they're moving them back.

      I have no idea what that is, but okay! xD So, I'm adopted from China, and when my parents brought me over to the US, the doctors had to give me vaccines and take my blood. So after about 9 vaccine shots, they had to take my blood, but the guy who was doing it was a beginner, so he was having trouble finding my blood vessel and puncturing it to get the blood. My dad said that it took him around 10 times to get it right. So technically, I got poked a lot with a needle when I was younger. Needless to say, I hate needles now. xD

    3. OH I HAVE NO IDEA DON'T TAKE MY WORD SERIOUSLY. I'M SO BAD AT DATES, I SWEAR. I love how you empasize "very legally of course," hahaha. Why won't you watch it in German? I thought people liked watching/reading things in their native language. :3 I probably sound so racist right now, lol. I'm so sorry.

      Vampire Adacemy came out on the 7th here. Last Friday. I haven't seen it yet. They pushed the release day back, because it was supposed to come out on Valentine's Day, but instead it came out on the 7th. I don't know why. D: I'll probably see it when it comes out to Redbox. (Do you know what this is? :3 It's just a DVD rental thing where you can rent a movie for one night for $1. It's like the best thing ever.)

      AND LOOK AT TFIOS'S TAGLINE. "One sick love story." THAT'S JUST CRUEL.