Sunday, February 2, 2014


This was one of my New Years Resolutions concerning changes on my blog, and I'm very excited to finally introduce the habit of posting my Book Hauls. It's something that literally everyone does, no matter if Blogger or Vlogger, so I was seriously missing out. It's hard for me to actually do this because I don't go to the book store and buy one armloadful, but rather, I'm ordering my books from different places all over the world and so I always have to wait until they arrive to make this post, and I always continue to buy more and more books and I'm always telling myself to wait, and it's basically a vicious cycle.

I'm still currently waiting on four more books that will arrive some time in the next two weeks from the US, but you know what, I'm not waiting anymore. I want to do this at least once a month, preferably twice a month, so I already have some stuff for another post ready this way.

So, these are the books I've bought the last two to three weeks.

(Partials and The Bitter Kingdom have been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while now, so I'm not counting them in this Haul.)

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge
False Memory by Dan Krokos
In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters
The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd
Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
Pawn by Aimée Carter
Renegade by J. A. Souders
Auracle by Gina Rosati
The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
Defy by Sara B. Larson
Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund
Breath of Frost by Alyxandra Harvey
Infinite by Jodi Meadows
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Some books that aren't in the picture because I didn't have any room left:

Eon by Alison Goodman
Ultraviolet by R. J. Anderson
Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Also, here's some books that I've already read. Evertrue by Brodi Ashton and The Unbound by Victoria Schwab were sequels I instantly read (and reviewed), and Under The Never Sky + Through The Ever Night by Veronica Rossi were re-buys, because I had both of them in unmatching paperback format (one was the US one, the other the UK one), and I wanted them to fit with Into The Still Blue, so I just went ahead, sold my paperbacks and got nice, shiny hardcovers! :3


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Your haul. Let me just address some of these books separately because their are just too many to address.

    Cruel Beauty. I just want to read that book so much, but I have so many other books I need to read, and I'll feel so bad if I buy that book and neglect all the other books that I need to read.

    The Madman's Daughter. I've heard so many good things about this book (along with bad things...) and the premise sounds so interesting! I can't wait to read your review for this, aha.

    Of Beast and Beauty and Pawn. I want to read these so bad! I don't really have a "story" to go with them. I just want to read them.

    And it would take way to long to elaborate on the other books. I just know that you have such a good haul and that I can't wait to read all the reviews for these books xD

    Happy reading!

    1. As of now, I have read Cruel Beauty and I thought it was actually quite good, so you really have to give it a chance soon so we can talk about it!

      Me too. But Regan (PeruseProject) read it about a week ago and liked it a lot, so I'm giving it a shot now. Currently reading that one. So far, it's ... okay. The implication of romance is already making me roll my eyes, but aside from that, it's enjoyable.

      I'm still very nervous about Pawn, because I've read The Goddess Test and it was horrible. But everyone's been giving it stellar reviews, and I want to see for myself if Carter really changed for the better. :D

      Thank you! :D Yeah, I'm quite happy with them myself, I honestly don't even know what to read next. T_T Although it's probably gonna be Ignite Me and Cress, so ... none of those. :x

      Thanks! You too. <3

    2. Hahaha, my dad promised he'd buy me two books at the end of this month, and Cruel Beauty is on that list of two books he's going to buy me. I can't decide on the second one whether or not it should be Uninvited or some other debut/new release. Opinions? (;

      Omg, I love her videos! And jessethereader. And katytastic. And padfootandprongs07. And just about so many booktubers it's not even funny anymore. I'll probably get that book from BookOutlet or something. I doubt I'll spend $15-20 on it unless I hear that it's AMAZING from multiple people.

      Ah, I haven't read The Goddess Test BECAUSE of all the reviews I've read... I'm willing to give Pawn a chance though because I'm pretty sure Scott Reads It liked it, and I trust his opinion.

      Oh god, I preordered those two weeks ago. They come out tomorrow. But dude I preordered the paperback of Unremembered by Jessica Brody and it just came today. Yeah, that book released January 28. I'm not very optimistic about my two books showing up in the mail tomorrow -_- I will have to avoid Twitter and all the spoilers... Sigh.

    3. That's good! Hmm, for the second, I don't know. I have Uninvited sitting here too, so buy that and we can discuss it later, when we've both read it! :3

      Yes, me too. <3 :D Who's your favorite? Yeah, I'm up to about page 150, and so far ... it's not that good. I'm still hoping that it'll pick up soon, since they finally arrived at a new location, but I'm not sure. And the love triangle is very annoying and insta-love-y

      DON'T READ IT. I made that mistake myself, thinking with such an awesome-sounding premise, it couldn't be THAT bad, but ... I still think I'm taking a huge risk with Pawn here. Pretty excited when I can finally get to that one, but other books are prioritized right now. xD

      Same here. Amazon is being a dick, I've pre-ordered Into The Still Blue, which also came out on January 28th, at the beginning of November and they're telling me they'll ship it in about two weeks. So I'm getting it almost a month after the release, despite having pre-ordered it fairly early. '__' And that's happened so often lately, Ignite Me won't be arriving until next week IF I'M LUCKY, so I actually went ahead and bought it on my kindle 'cause I don't want to wait, I'm fortunate though because at least Cress has arrived today (it's ACTUALLY on time. Like, ON TIME ON TIME. It's the 4th right here and I have it in my hands. The last time I got a pre-ordered book on its actual release date was Clockwork Prince back in 2011!), so I can power right through into that one after having finished Ignite Me. ^_^ (although The Madman's Daughter has to take a seat in the back for now. xD)

      Woops, long ass comment. Hope you don't mind! :D

    4. Ah, okay! Either Uninvited, (I might preorder) Side Affects May Vary, or Panic. xD Depends on my mood! I might get all four if I can get some more money though, haha. :D

      Probably either Regan or Kassidy. Kassidy's always got hauls and I LOVE hauls sosososo much, and/or Regan because she's just really awesome all around. Who's your favorite?
      And oh, really? I hate instalove. I'll probably get The Madman's Daughter if I see it on BookOutlet or something.

      Ah, I just love the Pawn cover. It's really pretty. (Then again, the covers for The Goddess whatever series are pretty too, and you say it sucks xD) I have too many other books I have to read to read the books that people warn me away from.

      Ugggggh, I need a sure way for preordering hardbacks, you know? I want the book to get there THAT MORNING. I'm sure I'd have to pay for amazing shipping like that though :( And yeah, my first time preordering a hardback was last month, and I didn't get my book that came out on the 28th of January until February 3rd, which kind of pissed me off a bit.

      And bro, I need Ignite Me and Cress. They DIDN'T come today like I prayed that they would, so I'm hoping for tomorrow or Thursday! At the latest Friday. If they don't come until next Monday, I don't know what I'm going to do about preordering.

      Oh, man. I remember Clockwork Princess, ahha. I have a signed copy, though I feel cheated because her signature is literally two C's...
      I want to get a boxset of the Shatter Me series that's signed. That would just be... Or the Divergent series :o Oh my god. My life would be made.

      Of course I don't mind :D

    5. Uninvited is already out. :D Came out January 28th, love. <3 ;D

      REGAN! Definitely. I love her overall attitude and she has a very, very similar taste to mine, AND she loves Fantasy as much as I do. 8) The only thing that we're at odds with is Throne of Glass, which she adored and I hated. D:

      I have a love-hate relationship with insta-love. I usually hate it as well, but there ARE some guilty pleasures of mine, some couples that I love despite them being actually insta-love. :x

      I know, right? There are soooo many books with beautiful covers and mostly, I'm just like, "I want that cover on my shelf," so I tell myself surely the book isn't that bad and buy it anyways. T__T Why do the books that least deserve it always get the absolute best covers?!

      I do, too. I've been wanting to try pre-ordering off the Book Depository for a while now, but I'm still hesitating because... well, normal orders take about a week to deliver, and I don't know if they'd ship it a week ahead so it'll come on time or if they'll just ship it the day of the release so that I can wait another week. I'll have to experience with a book that I'm not TOO pumped for. Something like, I don't know ... Let The Storm Break, that comes out sometime in March but isn't like Panic or Shattered that I want to read immediately when they come out. xD

      You know what? Amazon said that Ignite Me and Into The Still Blue won't be shipped until sometime in the next two weeks, right? And today, when I came home from school, there was a package from me on the doorstep. I was already wondering because I didn't expect anything more from Amazon, at least not right now, and then I saw that it was ... Into The Still Blue and Ignite Me. I totally wasted my 5€ that I spent buying it on my Kindle thinking it wouldn't arrive until two weeks later. -_- Seriously, Amazon? Apparently I got an email last night at 3 in the morning saying that they'd shipped my order via Morning Express so it'd arrive today. UGH. Thanks, Amazon. I mean, I'm happy they got earlier than expected, ESPECIALLY Into The Still Blue, but ... really? D:

      WHAT? Oh, I'm so jealous of you. :( I only have one signed book, and that is Of Poseidon by Anna Banks. And that was purely accidental, I simply ordered it from the Book Depository and when I read the blurb I noticed that there was an autograph. xD

      I would love to go to BEA SO FREAKING MUCH just so I could meet all of the authors and get my books signed and talk to them and it would be so amazing. So, so amazing. Maybe I'll actually be able to attend next year when I'm eighteen. *__*

  2. I know. xD I meant I'll probably preorder Side Effects May Vary or Panic. ;D

    I KNOW, SHE'S JUST SO COOL. And I love how her and Jesse are internet married. I ship them: Resse/Jegan. I'm still trying to get into high-fantasy. I like fantasy and all, but I haven't really read a lot of fantasy. Right now I'm into dystopian (when it's done right) and sci-fi (when it's done right). I'll try to get into fantasy since you like it so much ;D I should totally read Throne of Glass now just to see which side I'm on.

    Like? (; I liked Adam and Juliette in Shatter Me in the first book, but I feel like it was sort of insta-love or just Juliette's lonliness xD And that's why she ended up with Warner! They're just better for each otherrr.

    Ugh, I know. It makes me so angry. Because I feel like I shouldn't have books I didn't like on my shelves...but the's hard. (Am I the only one who thinks the Twilight covers are classy? I think I am.)

    Let me know how that works out! Barnes & Noble's preordering is NOT impressing me. I just got the email last night saying that Cress got sent out (it shall be here on Friday), but then I got another email saying Ignite Me got delayed. I'm sort of kind of really freaking pissed. I think I might cancel the order, and just download it on my kindle or go to B&N in store and buy it.

    OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO LUCKY IF IGNITE ME JUST SHOWED UP ON MY DOORSTEP AS A PRESENT I WOULD BE SO HAPPY. And I'm sorry you wasted your money D: I don't know how to convert German money to American money, but it's $8.33 (Google says that 6.16 Euro) here on my Kindle. Honestly, is Amazon preordering any better than what you've gathered from my B&N experience? I feel like some people get lucky while others get "ripped off" in a sense. And I haven't read the Under The Never Sky series. I have the first book on my Kindle, so I'll read it eventually. I've heard very 'meh' things about it. What did you think?

    I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to brag :( I was just at the store buying the third book, and they had a signed one left. It was the only one, so... Is Of Posiden any good? I've heard very 'meh' things abou that book too.

    Oh my god GUESS WHAT I MIGHT GO NEXT YEAR TOO BECAUSE I'LL BE TURNING SIXTEEN AND MY MOM SAID SHE MIGHT TAKE ME. I just see all these posts with all these books that these people get from BEA...and honestly, it's like book porn to me.

    1. For a moment, I didn't realize that Resse wasn't even a real name, oh man. xD It does sound awesome, though. High Fantasy is the best. I love reading about something totally different. Dystopia and Sci-Fi also fall under that category though, so those are my second favorite genres. The only one I don't like that much is Contemporary just because .. I don't know. I think most of those books are boring and since contemporary is usually coupled with romance and romance only (mostly), it's not really my thing.

      You know what I want? I want a really good book set in the middle ages. I just ... I want a book set during the witch trials. I realized today that this is what I want, randomly. Gotta inform myself now about those...

      Ash&Meghan from the Iron Fey, Charlie&Max from The Pledge, Karou&Akiva from Daughter of Smoke&Bone, ... :D Yup, that's what I thought as well, and I liked that she realized this and chose to be with Warner since he makes her feel like his equal and brings out the best in her, etc. It's really obvious that he's the better match for her. <3

      RIGHT? I always hide the ones I didn't like in the second row where nobody sees them, but there are some really nice covers that shouldn't be hidden ... I mean, you can only see their spines anyway, but it still really hurts your heart. (Hm, I don't know. I've never really grown up with those covers, although I'm also not very familiar with the German ones either ... my Twilight books are also hidden in the second row. :x)

      At least you have the option of going to the book store, lucky you. T_T That's something else I've been wanting to try, asking my local book store to pre-order, but I don't know if they CAN pre-order English books. I don't see why not... I'll see. I won't be able to always do this however, so it's not an optimal solution anyways. And yeah, I'll let you know. :3

      The Euro's not looking so good right now (gee, thanks, Greece! xD), so that could be right. I'm always so confused with your crazy American metrics. Like, my rule of thumb is 1inch=2cm, but I'm not sure about that and don't even get me started on your Fahrenheit and miles and feet and all that. :D

      What? WHAT? Under The Never Sky is really amazing. It might be confusing and some things aren't explained, yes, but the characters are so good and you'll just fall in love with them all and their relationships with each other. Like, Perry and Aria's romance is my favorite ever in all of the books (if you've read my favorite romance post, you can look up others there *end of product placement :x), because it's so nice and gradual and lovely and just... all the feels. And then we have Aria and Roar's friendship that's so heartfelt too, like Kenji and Juliette's, only even BETTER, as I said in my review of Ignite Me. Reeaadd itttt!

      Yeah, me too, which is why I haven't read it yet. :x Plus, I'm kind of waiting for the third book to come out (I think it's some time in May or so), so if I do happen to like it, I can just buy the next two, marathon through and be done.

      I KNOW RIGHT? It's almost unfair that they're getting all of those ARCs and stuff. Oh God how awesome would it be if the both of us would be able to go next year? :D Aww! The only problem is, I think you have to be invited for most of the days (I think only one day is free to the public), but ... surely it'll all work out. BEA is definitely one of the things I want to attend before I die. xD Although admittedly, I still haven't even been to Frankfurter Book Expo, although THAT might even happen this year. ^_^

    2. Hahaha, seriously though. They're so hilarious. (I need to read Vicious now thanks to those two.) Same here! I love dystopian and sci-fi. Contemporary's alright. There are some days when I just want to sit down with a good contemporary, and that's why I make sure I buy a few here and there so I always have at least ONE contemporary to read. xD

      I literally saw a book set during the Salem Witch Trials time the other day, but I can't remember the title. xD

      Ah, you see, Ash and Meghan annoyed me. I hate to say that about your favorite book because I know how much you love that series, but that's just what I think. xD I need to read The Pledge! You liked it, and so have other people. I'll get it eventually... Karou and Akiva, man. Their relationship pains me to read, because it's just so sad. Obviously! Warner is just...Warner. <3

      I'm running out of room on my shelves because I keep buying books. It's a problem. A big, big problem. I have two layers of shelves now. I just hide the books that I didn't like so much on my top shelf where I'm too short to see them when I look at my shelf xD (I have two shelves. On my other shelf, my MG books that I bought a lot time ago and my classics are on the top shelf.) (Yeah, I read those a long time ago before Breaking Dawn pt. 2 came out. I wanted to know what happened before I saw the movie."

      You don't have a bookstore? :o We have one (B&N), and then in the state next to ours is another 2, and it's really close. About a 30 minute drive. I go to both, depending on the plans for the day. And I'll need to look that up! Asking the store to preorder for me.

      Okay, I have a question for you. You're German, yeah? And you've posted a review in German before for a German book, right? So do you read your books in English? German? Both? Just wondering :D

      Let me confuse you further (; 1 inch=2.54 cm. 12 inches=1 foot. 3 feet=1 yard. 5280 feet=1 mile. 1 degree fahrenheit=-17.2222 degrees celcius (in simpler terms, 32 degrees F=0 degrees C). xD I find metric to be really confusing!

      I love how you freak out. Yes, I've read that post, lol. xD I wasn't a commenter back then. Now I comment all the time! LOL, just watch me read it and hate you. xD You'll hate me if that happens! But just watch; it'll happen. Either that, or I won't like Control, lololol.

      What if you hate it though? xD I plan on marathoning The Heroes of Olympus series once Blood of Olympus comes out later this year! I'll be marathoning HP, too as well as other series probably. I've never marathoned before, so this shall be an experience!

      UGH BEA MAKES ME TINGLE. Hahaha, I know right. They get SO many ARCs. (The Story Siren is having a giveaway and she's giving away all her ARCs. So many. So, so many ARCs.) I only have 2 print ARCs that I won from giveaways, and all my other ARCs are from NetGalley (aka, my love). Question again: Do you get books that are offered for Germany, or? Because I've been denied for *accidentally* requesting a UK version.

      Have you ever tried Edelweiss? I've tried, and it's tedious, and I haven't been accepted yet. xD I've been denied so many times for NG that it's almost embarrassing.

      And yes that would be so cool! This is my dream. And oh my god POWER READERS? ARCs? ITS LIKE A DREAM? Yeah, you should click those links that direct you to the BEA website. I'm salivatating from just looking at the webpages.


      And from what I've been reading, it cost $125 (92.47 Euro, because I'm cool, and I'm converting for you) if you get it before a certain date and $175 (129.46 Euro) if you don't get the Early Bird special. An extra $30 (22.19 Euro) for the Power Reader thing, which is where I think everyone gets their ARCs. This shows that everything can be bought xD

      I would love to go to a book expo if one was close to me AND I had a friend who loved books as much as me. I really want to go to ALA. People got so many books .____.

  3. Yeah, right now I still have Looking for Alaska and tons and tons of Contemporarys on my kindle, should I ever be in need of one. It's just really weird, because it's very often that I open a book and I'm like "Please let there be a romance in this one, I really feel like reading about one," and then the obvious solution would just be to read a contemporary, but somehow.. not so appealing. xD

    Yes well, I can DEFINITELY see why they might annoy others, and why other might not like the books as much as I did. It's there, and I see it, but ... it's probably because when I read them at the beginning of 2012, I still hadn't read that many books, so I wasn't very experienced and thought every book was "SO GREAT" and "SO AMAZING," and that's probably the main reason why I loved those books so much back then. I mean yeah, they still have their points in which they're awesome, but now, being more experienced, I know that, quality-wise, they're not even that good. I still like them though, it's all the nostalgia and such, but to be honest I've kind of stepped away of branding those books my "all time favorites ever," because I'm not even sure anymore what that is. I have so many books I love and my favorites shelf isn't even that full (I have like 23 I think, on my Goodreads shelf), and it's hard to pick just one.

    Having finished the whole Pledge trilogy, and looking back, it's not THAT great, or maybe it's just that the third book tainted my view a little since it was very underwhelming, but ... if you don't love the Pledge, I would totally understand. xD Not Under The Never Sky though, if you won't like that one, I... don't know what to do with you. I'd have to disown you, sorry. xD

    I'm running out of place on my bookshelves too. T_T I have two that I've shoved together (so they look like it's just one, but it's actually two) for all my hardbacks and one for all the paperbacks, and while I still got some room on my paperback shelf, I'm slowly running out on my hardback shelves. And I don't have any more room to get more shelves! And I don't want to sell any! T_T

    I do, I have lots and lots of book stores in my town, but their supply of English books is extremely limited. They have Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Cassandra Clare and some others occasionally, like Matched or Divergent that are popular. Which also answers your other question: I mostly read in English. Except for German authors, like Kerstin Gier or Cornelia Funke, where the original language is German.

    Jesus. Your metrics are seriously messed up. xD They're not even.. how.. just.. my brain is already meltin just looking at those numbers. D:!

    Yeah, that's always a huge problem. There are some series that I just buy all of the books of and then I end up not really liking the first one, but I already have all the sequels, so I feel obligated to read them and... it sucks, basically. But then, if I don't immediately buy the sequel, I'm like, "What if I'll absolutely love this book?" because I don't like stopping, I just want to marathon through. It's a huge issue for me. xD

    1. My message was too long as well xD Here's the rest:

      Noo, I've heard of it, but I've never really understood what exactly it is. I'll google it. xD And so far, I've got one ARC of a German book, because I did practical training at a book store and after I was done I was allowed to choose one of their enormous ARC collection, and I chose The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. C: Otherwise, I only got eARCs from Netgalley, and yeah, I got the same with the declines because I accidentally requested from a UK/Australia branch of a publisher, but what's the difference anyway? It's an eARC. Why..? I just.. don't understand.

      Oh, man. Same here, I want to go to a Book Expo so badly, but haven't yet simply because I don't really know anyone else who, REALLY reads, like not just occasionally once in two months, but a real reader. It's such a shame. ._. Well, if you can just register as a book blogger and try to get a pass for the whole event, that's awesome. I mean, yeah it's still uncertain if they'll accpet you, but now the chance is much higher. xD Great news!

    2. On a side note: I'm going to order The Archived by Victoria Schwab! Vicious is $16 online, and I think that's a little too much for online. I'll just wait for paperback, lol.

      Yeah, I usually don't buy contempories unless I know I'll love the author, I'm in the mood for one, or it's on sale. (Ironic that I bought two in the beginning of January for no reason other than I wanted to.) And I know right! I feel so weird wanting romance to be in my books, but honestly it's one of the things that make books interesting. That's why John Green books are hard for me to like. I have to find the good qualities, because TFiOS is the only book of his with a lot of romance (I haven't read An Abundance of Katherines though, so).

      This is me for so many books. Namely Divergent and Fallen (Lauren Kate) and Hush, Hush and so many other hyped books. I hadn't read a lot of "good" books so I thought they were all good. The reviewer in me has come out now though and I pretty much have something negative to say about every book, haha. The one thing I loved about TIK so much was the forest seemed real. Kagawa's description is really good. And Puck. Puck just made everything worth it. The only thing with Meghan and Ash was that they barely knew each other before they started making out. And the kiss was just random, and I was like, "What." If the romance had been more strung out within the series, I would like them together (probably). And I have so many books on Goodreads marked as favorites. I have favorite shelves for each year (only 2013 and 2014 so far). I have 52 (!!!) books on my 2013 favorites list. Now that I look back, a lot of those books weren't favorites. But I don't want to go back and change them. Hopefully I'm more selective this year!

      Hahaha! I remember wanting to read The Pledge back when it first released, but I just never bought it. I'll probably read it eventually if I ever find it on sale, otherwise I'll just ask for it for Christmas or something this year. And as for Under the Never Sky, I don't know. I've read a lot of bad reviews. xD I'll try my best to love it! Just for you! Wouldn't want to be disowned. ;D

      I just put my books anywhere on my shelves they fit (excluding the top shelves) because I don't even want to think about reorganizing. I honestly don't have that many books (100-130, mayybe?) but my shelves are so small. Only about 40 books can fit on one shelf without some creative innovation. I would never sell my books. Ever. I might TRADE them for another book I really want. But selling? No. Noooot happening.

      Ah, I see. I've read all of those except HP and Matched (I couldn't get into that book for the life of me, though I sort of want to now that I see people at school reading it). And how did you learn English if you don't mind me asking? I really want to learn another language, but I usually quit. (I am such a quitter.) I took Chinese for 9 years, and I know a bit, but not even nearly enough to converse with another Chinese person (I hated this class and only went once a week, so that's why I'm not fluent after 9 years). And I had this Spanish phase last year where I wanted to learn Spanish, so I learned a bit from that. And now I've started German in Duolingo to try to learn some German! xD

      I have honestly never "marathoned" a series intentionally. I read all the Percy Jackson books consecutively, but that was when I would read a book and then buy the next in the series and read that one. Basically, to me I was just reading a series. Not marathoning. And I agree with you. There are so many series I don't like and book one's that I hate, so I don't see the point in getting the next book (unless it's on sale) if I don't know wether or not I'll like the first.

    3. If you're talking about Edelweiss, it's sort of like NetGalley.

      I got another physical ARC in the mail yesterday from Steph Sinclair from Cuddlebuggery! I won one of her ARC giveaways. xD And for eARCs, it's a legal issue, so I've heard. It's pretty much just saying that because each eARC is DMC (I think this is the acronym) protected, an international person downloading the file would get the company in trouble.

      AND DID YOU READ THAT BOOK? DID YOU LIKE IT? I have The Raven Boys, and I don't know how I feel about reading it. I tried Shiver, and I just...couldn't.

      Ah, hopefully our blogs will have a bigger following by next spring so we'll have a higher chance of getting in! I want in so bad. Sosososo bad. It's need. Not a want, a need. <3 But it's still so expensive.

  4. Yup, I hate to say that I didn't really like TFioS that much, to be honest. Everyone's hyping it so much and I'm sitting here like, "Mm yeah. It was .. okay." I feel like I'll be chased with pitchforks just for saying that. xD

    Same here! Although thank the stars that by the time I've read Fallen, I was already experienced enough to realize what trash it was and it's my #1 dislike book. There is no book that I like less than Fallen. X_X But Hush, Hush that was also one of those I thought were really good at first. D:

    I'm sooo selective about which books I put on my best reads of the year shelf, as well as my favorites shelf. I have already taken off a lot of books that I've mistakenly put on that shelf, but later realized that I didn't actually like them that much. A favorite for me is a book (or book series) that even after months of completing them, I still think of regularly and have the urge to re-read and all that. And best year books have to have held my attention for the span of the whole book and they must have blown my mind. It's actually quite hard for a book to do that for me. xD

    Really? Wow, so far, I haven't come across many bad reviews for UTNS. :O Everyone I'm friends with on Goodreads has given it quite good reviews and liked it a lot, as well as its sequels and stuff. I only know of one person who didn't absolutely love Into The Still Blue. xD

    I tried organizing them aplhabetically by author once, but I had to separate authors because they didn't all fit onto the shelf and then there were tall books beside normal heights and it was awful. So I just put my favorite books on the shelves that are best reachable, and the others I simply sorted by how good they fit together. Like, I have a shelf where mostly black and dark color books stand, and on others are the blue ones etc etc. I like it this way. :D

    Matched is SOOO boring I just... besides Fallen and The Program, again, another book on the list of books I never want to see again. xD Stupid me actually bought the sequel as well, so I forced myself to read that one as well and it was even worse than Matched, if you can believe it.

    We HAVE to have English at school, it's mandatory. You can start off with French if you want, but you then have to take English as your second language. Me, I started off with English as my first language and chose Latin as my second one, so I can basically speak 2 languages and translate one. xD I've always grown up with English because my father started "accidentally" teaching me when I was two. We started very small, with "Hello" and stuff like that, and the older I got the more I learned, we had one game that had cards with vocabularies and I used to memorize them all, and then my father would ask me about them. When I was 10 or 11, I also joined YouTube and started making AMVs, and I had to start teaching myself even more English because I had to communicate with others and write comprehensible descriptions, and that's how, when I started English in school, I was already more advanced than everyone else and I stayed that way. Up until now, I've always been the best in class and knew words the others didn't, which is now only further improved because I read so much in English and watch most movies and TV shows in English too. So... yeah. xD I have been trying to teach myself other languages too (I even took Spanish for half a year in school), but I always stopped after a while just because... I'd love to learn Italian and Czech, I don't know why but I do. :D Everyone's always telling me it's a waste I'm not learning French but I hate the language. And France, and French people. They're always so rude and arrogant, ugh. Plus I have some bad traumas from when I was in France. xD (And I'm going back AGAIN this year. I have already been waaaay too often there. '_')

    1. Aha, I didn't know that. Interesting to know, thanks for informing me. :D I wish I could win or ask for physical ARCs too, but nobody's ever doing an international giveaway for one, so I'm stuck with eARCs for now. Which ARC did you get, though? :3

      Yeah, I really liked The Scorpio Races, I initially gave it four stars but changed it to five after a week because I kept thinking about it and if a book manages it that I have trouble moving on from it afterwards, then it definitely deserves five stars. I then read The Raven Boys which was another five star review for me, and has now become one of my absolute favorites. It is so, SO amazing I just.. asjakdjs I love this series so much. <3 I can see how it might confuse some people because it follows a lot of characters and switches POVs regularly, and it's VERY character driven, meaning, there's not that much action happening, but ... I love these characters so much and the books are so unique and mysterious. Read The Raven Boys soon! :D Definitely recommended!

      I also tried Shiver afterwards, because I was like "Wow, 2 books with 5 stars, this is one hell of an author", so I actually bought the entire series and didn't like it either. So even if you didn't like Shiver, like me, you might still fall in love with The Raven Boys! :D

      Yup, I really hope so too! :3 Surely they have to take SOME unknown bloggers, otherwise it'd be really unfair... right? D:
      And hopefully the euro will be steadier again by then, so it wouldn't be that expensive. :D

  5. Ohmygod, I feel like I fell for the hype when it came to that book, but I still claim it's one of my favorites. xD It will probably always be one of my favorites. My first John Green novel too. <3

    Hahahaha, I think I liked Fallen (is three stars considered like? I don't know) mostly because I read it latelatelate at night, and I wasn't really thinking about the plot. It was before my reviewing days. I got Hush, Hush from the library, lol. Honestly, I don't remember it sucking, I just remember Patch being very Edward-like.

    Same here! I'm very in the moment, so if I love a book at the moment it will probably find itself on my favorites shelf. I think I'll try to be more selective this year though because I think I want to do something next year where I reread one of my favorites every month. :3 You know, to remind me why I love reading in the first place.

    And funny you should mention no negative reviews... xD

    Yeah, I have very harsh friends on Goodreads, lol.

    I honestly don't mind about height or cover images. Some people are really neurotic about that, and it's weird because I'm OCD about the condition of my books, but I don't really care about uniformity. And I'm one of those people that has hardbacks and paperbacks for series (you know how some people have to have the ENTIRE series in hardback/paperback). And my shelves are actually pretty random. I just put them wherever. I try to put the books that I haven't read yet on the shelf near my bed so I see them all the time, but...I'm running out of room, so. xD


    You serious? We have to take Spanish next year, but it's not very hardcore. You only learn phrases; not really how to SPEAK it fluently. I wish I knew another langauge fluently. D: I swear if I learn another language, I'm teaching my kid. I feel like learning Spanish would be easier, because it's easier to get Spanish editions of YA books that I could read for experience. And I love how you're one of the best in your English class because you read English books. xD Maybe I'll find a German book one day and try to translate. I'm literally using Duolingo to send you all those phrases, lol. It's haard; I'm telling you.

    Ich lese ein Buch. (Right? This is from memory, so...)

    If I find an international giveaway that is for an ARC that I think you'd be interested in, I'll tell you. (: And I got Fugitive X. I heard the first book sucks, so xD I ordered it last night for $3, so I won't be too brokenhearted if it sucks. I just have to get through it to read the ARC. I hate having unread ARCs. D:

    Oh, yeah. I got And We Stay from my digital library. I'll read it eventually. xD

    Haha, okay! I'll do that this summer! Man, my summer reading list is getting SO LONG. Good thing I have no friends, and I don't travel in the summer. xD I have so many books I need to read, because I keep buying them. It's a problem. It's a big, big problem. On the bright side, we got to leave school early yesterday because of a storm warning (it snowed SO MUCH) so I got to finish two books, which was GREAT.

    Ah, that's good, because Shiver did NOT impress me whatsoever. I read it a long time ago and loved it, but I was young then...and stupid.

    Gah, I know right. :3 I just...I want to go so bad. If I don't go next year, hopefully the year after. By then, I SHOULD have an established blog hopefully <3

    I hope so! It'd be cool if we could both go (: You could teach me more German, because I suck, lol. Then again, it's only been three days.

  6. It was my first John Green novel too, and so far, my only. Everyone's raving about John Green, so I am still hesitating to read more of his books, because... what if I won't love those either? D: I'm still waiting to be in a very Contemporary mood before I start Looking for Alaska, so I can improve my chances of liking the book. xD

    I thought the first 50 pages of Fallen were promising, but as soon as Daniel flipped Lucinda off and she then continued to stalk and chase after him, the novel totally lost me. I thought it was even worse than Twilight, and then there I was, having already bought the next two books as well, and I read them, and it was absolute TORMENT (no pun intended (well okay yes there was a pun intended)).

    Oh, man. The one person I follow who's rated UTNS 2 stars is also Steph, otherwise, everyone's given it 3 and more. xD

    I am SO neurotic about that. I can't stand it if books aren't the same height and/or format. Like, my Legend trilogy, the first book is a paperback and the two sequels hardback. I can't stand it. I can't. But then again, I don't love the series, so I'm not wasting any effort on replacing Legend with a hardback, like I did for some other series/books. And I have one, the Blood Red Road series, where they're both paperback, but different heights. AAARRRGGHH! I've been planning on doing a blog post about this for a while now, too. xD I think I'll do that one soon. And what's worse, I think on others' shelves, the whole mishmash of paper- and hardback looks nice, but on my shelves, it always looks awful. I just can't deal with that. xD

    GOOD THING YOU DIDN'T THEN! That books has gotten so many good reviews and I'm sitting here, entirely baffled, because that book was one of the worst I EVER came across.

    I really did want to continue with Spanish, because even though I didn't really like the teacher, she could teach it quite well and we also learned how to speak it and not only write it. However, the hours were really shitty, you had to stay in school until 3:30 just because of Spanish, whereas without it, I could leave at one o'clock.
    I also started teaching myself Spanish with Duolingo too, but stopped after a while, 'cause it's not that fun. xD

    That's right. :3 German is an extremely hard language, I'd even go so far as to say it's almost harder than French (which is a very difficult language). There's so many articles and so much irregularity, you have to work a lot with the genders of nouns and the pronunciation can be hard on others. Like, try saying Herbst right. Four consonants right on top of each other. xD It means Fall, by the way.

    Thanks. :D Me too, but then again, if I do get an ARC on Netgalley, I'm usually not tripping over myself to read it. I'd like to read and review it before it comes out, but I don't have the overview, I don't know when that "deadline" is reached with most of my Netgalley ARCs. xD
    Yeah? I'm looking forward to hear what you thought of it. <3

    I never travel in Summer either. It's always so sad, being the only one at home when all your friends are out in Greece, or Russia, or Italy or wherever. But then again, also kind of nice, because I don't like to go out in the heat anyways and have an excuse to stay in then. :x

    1. Me too, I'm always buying more and more books and not only am I drowning in a pile of unread books, it's also not good for my finances. I do get a pretty high allowance a month, but I have to finance basically everything with that, not only books. The only things I don't have to pay for myself are the necessities (like water and electricity, obviously xD), food and a residence (since I, again very obviously, still live at home). And it's really hard, since I take great interest in literally EVERYTHING: I love books, I love fashion, I love video games, I love shoes and jewelery and parfum and so on... the only thing that I'd take a pass on would be make-up. xD

      It seems your schools always close at the slightest weather warning. xD We used to have "Hitzefrei" (heat free... kinda), so school would finish early if the weather was too hot (I think if the temperature was 40°C or higher, not sure though), but it was nullified a few years ago, and school doesn't get canceled because of storms or snow either. If your bus doesn't come to get you because you're snowed in, then it's your problem. That's an issue for a lot of students from the outer regions, but school will continue with those that live near the city and are still able to attend. They won't ever cancel school just because a few students can't come. D:

      You don't suck! You're already quite good, for having to teach yourself via Duolingo. :3

  7. Hmm, yeah, be in a contemporary mood before you read Looking for Alaksa. It gets slow during the second half, so you really have to be into the whole "meaning of life" thing. xD I finished it in two days, so I'm sure you can finish it fas too.

    Lol, I liked Cam until his freaky green eyes (I think) reminded Luce of a serpant or something. And then when Daniel told Luce they were like lovers from another time, I was done. Still, I think I gave the book a way better rating than it deserved (three stars? I promise I'm better at rating books now. I think I'll go back and change some...). I couldn't continue with the series, and I doubt I'll be buying the next books unless I'm really at a low point in my life.

    Emily May, man. She really makes/breaks a book for me, to be honest. I love her opinions, and I usually agree with her.

    Hahahaha, oh my gosh. xD I have a combination of ebooks and physicals books, and I really don't care. I'll probably buy Shatter Me and Unravel Me (I have them in ebook format) eventually or ask for them for Christmas. It's just one of those series, you know? Same for Cinder and Scarlet. I read those from the library, but I own Cress now, so I want the other two because CRESS WAS SO PERFECT. (I will be reading your review and commenting my feels, girl. So...prepare. My friend Connor says I have issues.)
    I honestly just don't care. Does that make me a bad book person? xD My shelves aren't perfect, and I'm strangely okay with that. As long as the book is fine, I'm fine. (;

    Oh wow! I ordered 6 books (Charm & Strange, Mystic City, Revolution 19 (I have the ARC to the second book. Don't judge. I know this has the WORST ratings. It was like $3), Tiger Lily, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares (I read this during Christmas, and I liked it a lot, and I have a feeling it will be an annual Christmas read. Plus it was only $3), and Sapphire Blue (I have Ruby Red, so might as well just get the next one) from BookOutlet. Do you know any of the titles? Any suggestions of which ones to read first? (;

    It was fun for me at first because my friend can speak Spanish, so she helped me. But after a week, I'm like, "F*** this shit." (I feel like f*** is worse to say than shit online. Sorry; I spam your posts with curse words.)

    WELLLLLL, I can speak Chinese, so sounds really don't bother me. xD I'm not being mean, but Germans have a deeper voice than Americans', and that's what scares me abotu speaking German. I think I'll just learn how to read/write it though. Speaking another langauge fluently scares me.

    Ah, I have this calendar where I put my ARCs' publication date on so I try to get my review posted around that time. I schedule all my posts a week or two in advance, so some of my ARC reviews won't even be posted until July.
    I seriously have an addiction when it comes to Netgalley. I obsessively check the "Recently Added" list. But I found Complicit on there, and I swear I had a heart attack. I want to request it so bad...but if I get declined, I might cry. So I've decided to beef up my following and then request. It doesn't come out for another few months anyway. xD
    Yeaah. I'll start it tonight. I hope it's not boring. I need another amazing read after Cress and its amazingness.

    I just waste away in my bedroom eating and reading. It's quite pathetic when you really think about it. xD

    I have found my litereal heaven in Kindle Daily Deals. It's a problem. Considering I'm not old enough to have a job yet (next year. I am so ready. I will literally blow all my money on books, but who cares? I don't), I only get what my parents give me, which at most can be $45 a month if I do A LOT of jobs around the house. My mom works at departments stores so she gets discounts on clothes, so it's easy(ish) for me to get clothes. And I wear make-up sometimes. I just have whatever my mom bought for me from Sephora when she got a discount there. xD

    1. Nah, it's snowing a lot here. Like, we have a foot of snow now. And since we live in the northwest, it's possible we could get freezing rain, which is dangerous to drive in. HOnestly, I'm not complaining because I've finished three books now because of this snow day stuff. Ah, I don't take the bus. xD And our school is so poor that we don't have air conditioning (I know, we die) so kids have made paper fans, and teachers have bought electric fans for the classrooms. It's crazy.

      It's hard to force myself to open the app every day and kill myself learning a language. xD

  8. I feel like I have to change so many of my ratings, but somehow, I almost feel like that's cheating. Because, when I gave that book that particular rating, at that time, I felt like that's what it deserved, you know? However, I WILL change my TFIOS rating from 4 to 3 stars right now, because back then, I kinda felt pressured to give it more stars than it deserves, I never felt like it actually deserved 4. At least, not from me. :x

    For me, it's usually Kat. If she likes/dislikes a book, that's mostly the dealmaker/breaker, because her taste is so similar to mine. Kinda like Regan's. But I take Emily May into consideration a lot as well, and my heart always breaks a little when she disliked a book I really liked. D:

    I only ever buy ebooks if I'm not sure I'll like the book and the cover isn't pretty anyways. Like, Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz? I was very unsure about that one (rightly so, I didn't enjoy it that much in the end), but bought a physical copy anyways because its cover is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm a horribly shallow person, I know. And I want the new Shatter Me cover edition so badly, I really really hope they'll release it in hardcover as well someday soon. I'd totally buy it then.

    That's also kind of a problem with me, because I want to own all the books I read. I wish I could borrow from the library, I really do, but then again ... I'm also kind of happy that my library doesn't have English books so I have to buy all of them. x_x

    Ahh, Book Outlet. I have browsed it multiple times and always been in awe of the cheap prices there. Maybe I will order from there some day as well, but considering the MONSTROUS HUGE shipping price, it's almost not really worth it. I really wish I'd live in the US ... I mean, this way, the books don't cost much anyway (less than German books), but I think I'd rather pay the full price than not have any opportunity to get all those awesome cheap prices.
    Read Ruby Red & Sapphire Blue first. They're extremely fun and I love them SO MUCH. They were some of the first books I read (they're also by a German author :D) and they'll always be nostalgic for me. Plus, they're great despite the insta-love. <3

    I don't mind. If I didn't feel bad for it and knew a lot of people actually mind cussing, I would swear so much more often in my reviews. :x I just think swearing punctuates points so well.

    1. Well then, that's great. :D That's actually true, so many Americans have really high voices, they're almost ANNOYING me because they're so high. I've never heard a German with such a high voice. xD However, it's a false stereotype that the German language is "harsh" or loud or anything. We're not constantly shouting, and I don't see the harshness in the language. I don't see the smoothness and beauty in French, either, for that matter. It's peculiar, how Americans (mostly) think about the European languages.

      That's not a bad idea, actually. xD I should do that as well. I don't check Netgalley often to be quite honest, because I know I'll mostly get declined for the titles I ACTUALLY want. So far, And We Stay was the only ARC I truly, truly wanted and got. :x

      Me too, though. I vegetate between bed and PC, only leaving my room for the kitchen and the bedroom. xD I don't mind though, I love this life. Sometimes, I just don't feel like going out or doing something.

      Kindle Daily Deals are shitty for me. All the English ebooks are mostly non-fiction or boring Adult books. ;A; Technically, I could get a job (I even had one once), but ... I'm too lazy. I'll probably try getting a job during the Summer, or when I start Year 12, but I think I'll enjoy my freedom till then. xD

      I don't take the bus either, only after school, since I always catch a ride wih my brother in the mornings but since we have different hours, so when I finish at one, he finishes at two etc, so he can't take me home too. He'll graduate this year though, so... I'll probably get my "learner's permit" till then though, I guess. Here, you can get something close to a learner's permit at seventeen, and with that you can drive around if there's a 25 year-old (or older than that) in the car that has had a driver's license for five years. And, you have to register those people that meet those requirements with the government, mostly it's your parents and other relatives. And it's only with those people that you may drive then. You can't cheat and just take some random person that meets those requirements and drive around. xD As soon as you turn eighteen though, you're free to drive alone, and my brother's nineteen. :)

    2. I feel like it would be easier to move all these conversations to email or something. :3

      Lolol, omg. I haven't read TFiOS since last April, so who knows? Maybe I'll think less of the book if I read it this year. (I think I will reread it just to see what changes.)

      Kat... From YouTube or from Cuddlebuggery? Steph is hardcore when it comes to rating, man. She hates books that I like sometimes. I think the people that I depend on most for what books to read next would be you and Scott/Jon from Scott Reads It. Sure, sometimes you and him likes books that I hate and vice versa, but I've learned that our tastes are generally the same. Oh, Lindsay, too, but she doesn't read much, so.

      Did you read The Book Theif? If you have, did you like it? I don't think Scott/Jon has, but I didn't like it. :3 At all. I think I was being extremely generous when I gave it 2 stars. Scott/Jon loved it—five stars. So...

      Gah, some people have the hardcover with the eye. I won't buy Shatter Me if it's not the eye. I know I said that I don't want matching covers, but if I can get them, I will. I'm just saying I won't buy two copies just to get matching covers. :3 And I only buy ebooks if they're significantly cheaper, I'm in the moment and I want the book, or if I already have the other books in ebook format and I don't really care for getting the last book. (I'll probably get The Retribution of Mara Dyer on my Kindle just 'cause.)

      Hahaha, I don't have a job (I don't remember if it was you I told this to before. I'm sorry if I repeat information; I talk to so many people and comment on so many blogs—it's insane) so I don't have a lot of money. Buying all my books would be difficult.

      Hahaha, if I was rich, I'd buy you some books and ship them to Germany, but as mentioned above...yeah, I'm not rich. xD And used book stores online are my krptonite. I swear. I used to order from so much (free shipping...) but it takes a month for me to get my books, so I'm probably only going to order from them if I have to.

      "Desipte the insta-love." Oh, gawd. xD I'll read those once I get Emerald Green. It wasn't on so I'll have to find it somewhere else. I want to marathon those books, man. I heard they're addicting (PeruseProject said so).

      I know, but Amazon doesn't accept swear words, and publishers don't like swear words. I'm really working on getting "noticed" by publishers and being able to reach out to as many book people as possible, so I'm censoring all my reviews, as in no cuss words at all. I'm trying not to cuss on blogs either, but you cuss too so I figure it's not a big deal. xD Plus we've been talking a lot, so.

      I'M SORRY; I DON'T MEAN TO BE ANNOYING. D: My voice really isn't THAT high, I swear. There are some Americans with nasally voices (this is what I consider high), and I want to murder myself when I hear them. Like, no, you don't have to talk so high that you sound like freaking Mickey Mouse (I've heard that Germans and Russains compare Americans' accents to Mickey Mouse's voice). The only thing that I think about German/Russian is that it's deep. I suppose it can be harsh and loud, but Americans can be harsh and loud too, so it's hard to judge on that. I think most Asian langauges sound rude and menacing, to be honest. When I speak Chinese, I'm timid and slow, so I don't really sound like that. I don't think French/Italian, is smooth, ahah. I know this girl who wants to learn French, and I don't see the point, because you won't really need it anywhere unless you want to be a translator. French isn't even one of the "bigger" languages versus learning Spanish, Chinese (economic stuff and all), and English.

    3. Haha, yeah. Although there is this one book I got pre-approved for, and I stupidly clicked the 'read now' button, which put it on my 'invitation' list where it counts toward my approve to feedback ratio (mine sucks. It's 26.7%). It comes out Tuesday, but there's no way I'm going to be able to get a review out by then. I'm going to try (I'll try to read it tonight) but it's highly unlikely. I wanted We Were Liars and Panic, but nooooope. xD I have way more followers now though, so I wish I had just waited.

      Really? I've gotten quite a few (Under the Never Sky, The Rosie Project, etc.) from Kindle Daily Deals. I haven't read any of them yet, but haha, whatever. Well I'll probably get a job when I'm 15 1/5 because that's the minimum age here. I'll have to work at a fast food place though so I can walk to my job after school. xD

      You can get a learner's permit at 15 1/5 here, hahaha. You can drive with anyone in your immediate family over the age of 18 until you're 16 and you can get a driver's license. But in WA, you can't have anyone other than your immediate family in the car with you for the first six months of having your license. Your rules seem strict for driving, lol. Ours are so loose. Maybe that's why we have so many crashes...

      And dude, make more book hauls. I am serious in love with In My Mailbox/Stacking the Shelves/book hauls. I don't even know why. Some people think it's bragging, but I love them.

      And I can't believe I'm starting another topic in this longass conversation, but YOU'RE READING UNINVITED? HOW IS IT?

  9. Maybe not such a bad idea. :D My email is Everyone can find that out pretty easily, so there you go. :D

    I've been thinking about re-reading it as well, but ... I'm afraid I'll like it even less now than I did before. Not that I disliked it then, but I fear I could dislike it this time around. D:

    Kat from Cuddlebuggery. :3 I think Kat from YouTube is often quite generous with her ratings, so I don't put that much weight on hers.
    I did, and it was soooo slow. I've been reading it for about two or three weeks and I was only at page 130 or something. I only ever finished it, I think, because the week my cousin was staying at my house we were always sitting on the porch in companionable silence, reading. And I wanted to finish the Book Thief, so I punched myself through it. And I did give it four stars, mostly because I enjoyed the setting — Germany, teehee — and because the ending destroyed me. 4 was generous as well, though... I can definitely see why you didn't like it. And I absolutely don't see why everyone else is raving about it and titling it their favorite book of all time. o_o

    WHAT? WHAT? I have never seen a hardback with the eye design of Shatter Me. I even asked Tahereh on Twitter if there even ARE hardbacks with the new design and she said no. :O

    Yeah, I also only get ebooks if they're really cheaper. Like, if a book is 5-6€ on the Kindle and I can get a paperback for one more euro, I'll definitely get that. My maximum for kindle books is usually 4€.

    It's a hard life, let me tell you. I'm usually able to afford up to 10 books a month if I'm lucky and get some good, cheap deals. I could probably save a significant amount of money if I'd order more from the US, but it just takes FOREVER to ship. I ordered some books from the US, and they shipped on the 22nd of January, and still haven't arrived yet. T_T

    Oh man, just imagine being rich and being able to, like, buy a hundred books a month. Anything you want. You'd have so many books you couldn't even hope of keeping up with all of them. xD My dream.

    Yup, that's just it. I always tell myself not to swear too much, because should I ever truly apply for ARCs from a publisher, then my chances aren't very good. D: Sometimes I feel like just throwing that preposterous idea out the window anyways, but somehow, I don't.

    I haven't watched Mickey Mouse in English yet, soo ... it's weird, actually, because for the classic movies, I can't watch the English version, even though I watch everything else in English. Like, all the disney movies or even Lord of the Rings. I just grew up watching the German synchronization, anything else is unthinkable. And otherwise, I can't tolerate German dubbing because it's HORRIBLE. xD

    Well, I guess French would come in handy when you're in Canada. For me, it probably would have its perks learning French, since France is so close to me and also, Luxembourg and Switzerland, where French is a national language as well. However, I still don't see the point, because I won't torture myself with as nasally a language and, like you said, I'd be better off learning another one.

    I wanted Panic so badly, too! T_T I love Lauren Oliver and I can't wait for Panic, but nooo.

    The minimum here is 13, but you are mostly only allowed to babysit, mow people's lawns, deliver newspapers (that's what I did) and so on. If you really want to work, like in retail or at fast food chains, you have to be 16 at least. So .. I'd be eligible already. But I'll wait a bit more. :x

    Yeah, but in return, our drinking laws are very loose. xD You can start drinking beer, wine and champagne with your parents/guardians at age 14. You may drink and buy beer, wine and champagne at age 16 without your parents. And at 18, you can drink (and buy) whatever the hell you want, with whom the hell you want. xD

    1. I AM, TOO! I am waiting for said US order to deliver, and I'm going to do another book haul as soon as they arrive. I'll even do more close-ups and not just do one photo of them all on the shelf and list them. Since there aren't as many books in my upcoming haul as in the last one. xD

      I'll just say this: There is a girl named Tori in Uninvited, and she's a BITCH. xD I hope you don't mind that. Otherwise, I really liked it — finished it within a single day, yup. :X