Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Cracked by Eliza Crewe


Author: Eliza Crewe
Release: January 1st 2013
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Demons
#1 in the Soul Eater trilogy
Sequel: Crushed (#2), Crossed (#3)


Meet Meda. She eats people.

Well, technically, she eats their soul. But she totally promises to only go for people who deserve it. She’s special. It’s not her fault she enjoys it. She can’t help being a bad guy. Besides, what else can she do? Her mother was killed and it’s not like there are any other “soul-eaters” around to show her how to be different. That is, until the three men in suits show up.

They can do what she can do. They’re like her. Meda might finally have a chance to figure out what she is. The problem? They kind of want to kill her. Before they get the chance Meda is rescued by crusaders, members of an elite group dedicated to wiping out Meda’s kind. This is her chance! Play along with the “good guys” and she’ll finally figure out what, exactly, her ‘kind’ is.

Be careful what you wish for. Playing capture the flag with her mortal enemies, babysitting a teenage boy with a hero complex, and trying to keep one step ahead of a too-clever girl are bad enough. But the Hunger is gaining on her.

The more she learns, the worse it gets. And when Meda uncovers a shocking secret about her mother, her past, and her destiny… she may finally give into it.


Well, that was wild from start to finish. I swear if there hadn't been a couple higher priority things that kept me from reading this, I would have finished this on the same day I started.

This book is, first and foremost, simply fun. Like, it might not be the book that is going to be your new favorite, with characters that you immediately love deeply and a unique plot, but it is one where you simply lean back and enjoy the ride. The humor is excellent (at least, for my tastes) and while the characters and the story weren't particularly original, they still managed to make me like them, made me sympathetic to their cause and took me on a thrill ride.

I think what I liked best was the MC, Meda, who is a half-demon and she freaking acts like it. For once in my lifetime, I have come across a book that accurately handles the black and white morale and doesn't tip toe around it. Meda does horrible things, she is aware that she is no saint and she doesn't try to beat the bush around that fact. Yes, she hates herself for the atrocities she's committed and in a way, she is a bit in self-denial, but all that was expected in a way and honestly, I think the way Crewe laid out her character arc was simply perfect to understand Meda step by step, a little at a time. She was the highlight, the beacon of the book and I am seriously glad that her character exists. 
Also great were the other characters of course, all of whom I really learned to care about during the course of the novel. Sure, like I said, they won't be new favorites or anything, but I did develop a soft spot in my heart for them.

Another great thing that stems a little from the nice characters is all the beautiful and touching relationships. Seriously, these relationships the characters have with each other were so moving and I think I fell in love with how they fell in love with each other. There is only one main romance, the others are all platonic, and the main romance isn't even between the hero and the heroine. As in, it's not Meda getting a love interest, but her sidekick-friend Jo. Which is such a nice change of scenery for once actually, and also fit so well to the story — I really don't think it would have been such a hot idea to throw some love interest, and a human one at that, in Meda's face with everything that was going on — and as it is, even the romance between Jo and Chi took a backseat for most of the story. It was always there in the background, but colored in very decent tones and only resolved towards the end when things quieted down a bit. Anyways, I loved it all, both the romantic and most of all the platonic relationships, especially the friendship between Meda and Jo, which was developed magnificently. 

At the end of the day, this is such a quality novel I can only recommend to everyone who wants a fresh breath of air and to have a little fun. I sure did. And I really can't wait for the sequel.

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